Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arrival of technologies...

All the different technologies I ordered have finally arrived! Inside the bundle includes an Arduino Uno, a PIR sensor, an external USB sound card with 6 audio outputs and an arduino prototype bread board and jump wires that will connect the arduino to the PIR sensor.  This is the first time I have worked with any of these products so it is going to be an adventure working out how to connect all of them together. This weekend I will begin looking at online tutorials and if anything goes wrong I have a friend who is an Interactive Design student who said he would help if I had any problems. All these technologies are for the interactive side of the project. The PIR sensor will be installed and hidden inside the wall, picking up any movement in the space using an infrared technologies to detect movement in the space. This will then be attached to the arduino that will be programmed to connect and speak with the programme MAX MSP, where all my audio files will be stored. The aduino will tell the programme when to play the sound piece, once activated by the presence of the person inside the space. The MAX MSP will then be linked to the external USB sound card, which will be linked to the individual speakers in the space. The idea is that the sound will only appear when the audience is in the space. This is to convey the idea of 'human resonance' and goes with the concept of activating space through human presence, which has been how I have experiences space within my journeys. This will mean that the bodies inside the space will become influential to the work and will hopefully mean that they have a stronger connection to the piece but also a stronger sense of their presence.

This is a video tutorial explaining how to connect the PIR sensor to the arduino. I am going to do a small experiment with both this week.

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