Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spiral Sound Coil...

Looking through the book Site of Sound # 2, I stumbled across a project called 'Spiral Sound Coil', which very much resembles my own project idea....It was rather surreal to find a structure that so closely  resembled the sort of suspended sonic sculpture I have been thinking of, although it does not have exactly the same principles. The piece was a commission done by artist Aura Satz and explores the theme of 'site' and conceptual space. It was exhibited at the Jerwood Gallery in London in 2010. It has been very interesting to see how another artist has approached the theme of site and come up with a very similar shape, however a rather different approach. Satz's structure looks at experiencing site with the aid of technology, a decision that I very clearly decided to go against, and therefore gives an experience wehre the soundscape is already predetermined. What I am trying to do within my own project is to create a much more internal dialogue between our body and environment and for the sculpture to give the space for the public to experience their own resonance, which is a very different response to site as as the fundamental principle of my piece is for the audience to listen to themselves within the space. My structure will be more natural and on a larger scale, and will probably resemble a bell shape more than a cone. Her website states:
"Continuing her work as  artist in residence  at  the Ear Institute in London, Aura will  develop  a  new  intimate,  immersive  sound  sculpture  that  will  create  a  physical  and  psychoacoustic  sonic  experience whereby  visitors  will  be  encouraged to place their head inside the sculpture itself. Like a giant hearing trumpet or an automaton ear, the horn appears to tune into the vast library of past sounds that is the air. The multi-channel soundtrack outputs in a spiral sequence, thus echoing the rotating technology of wax cylinder sound recordings. Similarly, the narrative voice over explores the idea of memory being like a wax cylinder, a ‘mystic writing-pad’ of sorts, a blank slate onto which memories leave their trace and personal history is recorded."

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