Sunday, March 11, 2012

'In the Absence of...'

 "What is the real story? Where is the meaning? What is reality? Where is memory? 
What sense can be made of experience? Or is there only the present? 
Why do I make performances? Is it to make sense of experience or to make sense of myself?"

'In the Absence of...' was an event organised by Richard Layzell and Jonathan Baxter to celebrate the performance culture and emerging artists within the medium across Scotland. The event was held at the Hannah Maclure Centre and invited artists from Dundee, Aberdeen Glasgow & Edinburgh to come together and showcase a series of different works. I was involved in the night and did a piece called 'Singing Through Walls', which proved to be very successful. Other performers included Layzell himself, who did a wonderful and animated talk called 'The River Flows' about his time in China. He showed a powerpoint presentation with outbursts of tai chi and improvised dancing. There was also performances from Performance Platformer's Beth Savage and Ruth Aitken as well as a video screening from the collective. Beth did a piece called 'Felix Felis', which translates to happy cat. The performance was very intense as it witnessed Beth sit down to a dinner of cat food. Ruth did a piece exploring trance and numbers, where we all had to form circles and chant the number of the circle we were in. Then two girls from Aberdeen did an interactive piece outside where the audience had to take sides and join in a game. The evening was wonderful and marked a lovely ending to the entire week.

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