Sunday, March 11, 2012

Singing Through Walls...

"Exchange with me...."

'Singing Through Walls' was a small performance piece I did as part of the event 'In the Absence of...' The performance was inspired by the gallery space, as when looking for a place to do my previous 1-1 performance, I found a corner with a small gap in the wall. The gap was like a slit  and followed through to another slit, allowing two people to dialogue, like a whispering wall. For the piece, I stood in one corder and the audience member stood in the other corner. At the beginning I asked the audience to come and exchange with me.....I would sing to them, and they could aslo sing to me...Through the gap you could not see each other, yet you could feel the breathe of the person and you could hear them. This was another very lovely intimate experience and it allowed me to use the voice in different ways to create a different experience.

"Sylvia Law performed a stunningly simple resonance piece in which she sang through a hollow wall to someone on the other side. Both pressed into the corners facing the wall, the result was a beautiful and powerful one to one experience."- Beth Savage, performer & participant. 

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