Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yesterday I went down to the metal workshop to enquire about metal pipes and Graeme was very nice and gave me these two metal curved sheet pipes that were lying around in the workshop from a previous show. I wanted to test the pipes as possible sonic amplifiers so I went and got some powered speakers from the av workshop and did this little experiment. I played my sound recordings through the pipes, allowing the sound to travel through another body. The outcome was this lovely and subtle vibrations. It just made the sound feel a lot more connected to these sites of resonance, through having this slight reverberation and resonance as its projected. For my final show I would like to incorporate the pipes, allowing the sound to echo through the metal, creating a different sort of sonic experience. I feel this is also a good compromise, as I won't be able to make my original structure out of metal, but by incorporating the pipes into my final piece, I will be able to use the reverberant properties of the metal in a new way. 

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