Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I wish I could have been there...

Janine Antoni
2nd-4th October 10am to 6pm & 5th-6th October 10am to 2pm
Toynbee Studios, London
£120 (including unlimited access to the Performing Idea five-day symposium)

“For this workshop our bodies will be our primary tools of
expression. We will dance, move and use our bodies in unconventional
ways. I believe that knowing oneself intimately opens up the possibility
of using one’s strengths and weakness in the service of art. Be
prepared for an inner investigation. I would like us to learn from each
other without hierarchy, therefore the group dynamic is a key component
of the workshop. We will not produce anything but rather focus on
exploration and experience with an eye towards sharpening our awareness
and communication skills. The investigations will enrich our artistic
and thoughtful practices as we engage with sources and materials across
different artistic forms” – Janine Antoni.

This workshop is designed for artists and researchers
working in and on performance and the visual arts with interests in
embodiment, creative process and the dynamics of perception.

Janine Antoni was born in Freeport, Bahamas in 1964. Her
work blurs the distinction between performance and sculpture.
Transforming everyday activities such as eating, bathing, and sleeping
into ways of making art, Antoni’s primary tool for making sculpture has
always been her own body. Antoni has had major exhibitions of her work
at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, S.I.T.E. Santa Fe, inIVA, London, England and the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. The recipient of several prestigious awards including a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship in 1998, the Larry Aldrich Foundation Award in 1999, the Irish Museum of Modern Art/Glen Dimplex Artist Award and nominee for Artes Mundi, the Wales International Visual Art Prize in 2004. Janine Antoni currently lives in New York.

'Ball Trail: From A-B'

'Ball Trail: From A-B'
11 mins 26 secs

This piece was documented as an inner performance, taking the shape of a sound walk. I was directed by Nina Chau's co ordinates, following her trail through the city with my rock in search of it's final destination...
The sound piece has been recorded and exhibited for viewers to take on the journey as well, and to get lost within the environment and sounds of my walk, so that it can be a completely immersive experience, a personal journey, almost like being invisible within a city...

You can listen to the piece here:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nina Chua Project..-Mapping Public Art in Dundee....

This week I will be taking part and documenting the process of Nina Chau's project, 'Ball Trail'. The objective of this piece is to allow the performer to get lost in their surrounding environment, and allow the ball to discover places we would never naturally venture...
I will be walking alongside her and documenting the piece as a sound walk.

Deveron Arts & SSW Trip :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Deveron Arts & Scottish Sculpture Worksop Vist!

'DEVERON ARTS: The Town is the Venue'

This weekend, we are off on a mini adventure to explore Deveron Arts & the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Aberdeenshire! This journey is part of the Red Herring Trip and is also celebrating Deveron Arts' 15th Birthday and its successful life, being at the heart of public and community art in Scotland. We will also be visiting the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, which has been newly refurbished and get the chance to discuss the future roles of the venue!
I'm really looking forward to this trip and discovering the arts of the north! I will update on the adventure once we get bk....