Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

'My Dads Strip Club'

Last Thursday I went along to a presentation on the performance group, 'My Dads Strip Club'.
The group is based in England and focuses on how we as people move and live within our current society.
'My Dads Strip Club', especially looks at the severeness of capitalism and creates art as a protest towards our consumerist society.
Alot of the performances by 'My Dads Strip Club' are played out as public interventions, which encourage passers by to be a part of the performance as well as bringing awareness to their political message!
Ange Taggart, one of the two who founded 'My Dads Strip Club', is currently in Dundee and looking for people in the community who would like to go and reclaim space and explore our environment in different and new ways!
There is going to be many interventions happening all over Dundee in the next few months, one of them using the amazing 'tag tool', which allows people to make live animations and project them onto buildings!
This whole project is all about using space in ways which we normally don't think or feel we can do and takes away the barriers and expecations of normal and everyday life, allowing us to be more aware and open within our environments!
I am definatly looking forward to the future expiditions and exploring Dundee and it's social spaces through performance & Interventions :)
Look out for the Spacemakers!

SPACEMAKERS@ The Hannah Mclure Centre, Dundee.