Friday, March 23, 2012


After a week of successful meetings and discussions with different tutors, I have finally got a finalised idea for degree show. It has taken me a long time to overome this whole process of flux, but now I can truly visualize this piece and its final form. I am very excited about it, it has taken a very different route and form from my previous idea...What I am now working towards is a room sized installation that sculpts around the space to create an interactive sonic experience. Within the space, a sensor will be installed in the entrance so that when the public walk into the space, their presence will activate the sound. There will be 6 sources of sound installed in the room and they will be installed like my sound experiment, with the speakers on the floor with long metal tubes projecting the sound. The speakers will be hidden inside the structure so you will only see the emerging seam of the pipes as the evidence of the sound source. It will appear as though the sound is coming up from the earth. I love the idea that the technology nor the body from where the voice is from is seen in the space. It is a completely invisible experience in a labyrinth of human resonance. I am still going to use soil, and this will be spread through out the room, on top of the structure that will form the space.  This is a very different approach to my original, and it has gone back to using technology, which was something I wasn't too keen on, but I think it makes sense with this new concept and idea. I am very happy with it and can't wait to start constructing it. In the last week everything has fitted into place, and it has just been a matter of speaking to the right people that can help your vision and feed into it, rather than being deflated. Now, I just have to work the time frame to make it happen. I am luckily working closely with Alan & John in the wood worksop to create the structure and with Nigel Johnson and Sean to create the interactive sound part of the piece. This is going to be pretty complex installation and it will use a number of components but when they all comes together I can only imagine it will be wonderful....The metal pipes will be installed like the lungs of the room, so the space will become a living organ, with the human voice building up and harmonising create a soround sound will be like a human organ.

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