Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sound Culture....

Yesterday I came across this very interesting article that talks about how sound was used in the prehistoric ages. Back then sound was a much bigger part of society and was used as a tool to understand our surroundings as well as human culture and presence. Sound was alos a big part in understanding and learning about our  environment. The whole piece just really made me realise how much we have stopped listening to space and how much the world revolves around visual representations. Yet sound is an extremely wonderful way of experiencing things because it is completely intangible, it is different for everyone, it cannot form as one shape or vision,
it lets the person envision it inside them, invisibly~ Sound is something that you cannot see, only feel...

"Vision in this conception defines the self individually in opposition 
to others; hearing defines the self socially in relation to others."- 
Tim Ingold, Hearing and Human Movement, Perception of the Environment. (2002)
"When it comes to affairs of the soul, emotion and feeling, or of the 'inwardness' of life, hearing surpasses seeing as understanding goes beyond knowledge, and as faith transcends reason."- Ibid 
"Sound brings the world to life, it can appear to fill spaces, create atmospheres, and have an intense emotive power." 

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