Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This week I have been busy in the studio, working with my wonderful boarders Anton and Jason constructing my degree show space. I have been preparing the space by glueing extra wood to the outer curve, making it stronger and more contained for when the earth is imported on top of it. I then had to sand it down, which took a good hour, but I am very happy with the result...

The boys were in all last week constructing the actual frame. It took them 2 days to put up, and this week they helped me put up the fabric for the windows, which took 3 attempts to do....

The structure is finally completed. Now all I am waiting for is the pipes and then I can cut the holes and then import all the soil. I decided to keep the structure natural and so I will not be painting it white. There is wonderful smell of wood, that makes the whole space feel like a tranquil forest and I wouldn't want to spoil, and so I think there will be a very natural and raw theme going on, with the earth, wood an bare metal pipes, I can see the space feeling very organice and site-specific. 

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