Thursday, April 5, 2012

Performance Space?....

A few weeks ago I did some experimental sound walks around the college, searching for reverberant spaces. One of them was a stairwell in the Crawford building that is actually situated just outside my space and leads up to it. The space is heigh and flows right down to the ground floor, allowing the voice to travel and echo through out the entire school. Whilst exploring, I did some recordings and I feel they hold similar qualities to the other sites I visited. The naked voice is amplified through the space and he reverberation is extremely natural. I actually had a few students saying that they really enjoyed my singing, so it made me think about perhaps doing a live performance on the evening of degree show. The wonderful thing about the space is that because it is connected to all the floors in the building, you are able to hear my voice wherever you are in the college, but not see me...This could be an interesting space to project and do a performance.

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