Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sound Recordings in Degree Show Space....

After having slight concerns about my final sound piece, this weekend I decided to do a series of sound experiments & internal performances inside my degree show space. This was a way for me to link my past processes and journeys with site into the final space where all my research and work will manifest within. By using my experiences from my past explorations of site into to the final space, it has created a fluidity between the degree show space and all the other sites of resonance I have visited.
Inside the space, I projected myself into it, letting my voice travel and mould as part of the architecture. Over my time in the space, I have been interacting and singing into it as a way to prepare it, almost as a ritual. For me, it is important to incorporate this process into the degree show space itself, as it makes no sense to go around all these sites, investigation and exploring them and then to leave the final show space untouched. I think that by projecting your energy into it, you transform the space and create an atmosphere, which has been a crucial to the development of my final degree show. I want the show to feel like it has history and that as a site in itself it resonates.
For these investigations, I blindfolded myself and interacted with every aspect inside the room. I sang in all parts of the room, slowly moving my body around the curves of the structure. As well as the sonic presence, I also interacted with the physical presence of the space, I felt the material, the wood, the soil, the smell of the space...I crawled underneath the structure and experimented with the sound presence in the invisible space. I took-in and interacted with every aspect I could.
It was wonderful experience, as I find that in these situations one becomes much more aware of all the little sounds in and around the space that builds its atmosphere, and a lot of the atmosphere in my degree show space are the noises of outside, the birds singing and the wind, conversations, people walking around the colelege, eveen the noisy lift. It is all part of the space's character...
This was also an exciting time, because I finally have all 6 pipes inside the space. Graeme finally finished them! They are still waiting to be placed inside the structure, but having them in the space meant that I could also interact with them and play with the objects that are going to project the final sound piece for the degree show.

Although I am happy with these experiments, I still feel it is importnat that I continue to work with my past recordings and to bring the presence of outside space and external sites into the degree show space. I really want to bring my journeys into the space, so over the next few days I pan to play with all my sound recordings. I am hoping that they will come together naturally, and harmonize together to create a universal sense of external site, of sacred places, or places that resonate our very existence....

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