Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This week I got a wonderful surprise! I have two men working on my space all week and are going to help me construct my show. This is great news, as initially Alan and I had thought that we would have to do it alone. The men are boarders from the DCA and have been asked to help out for the degree show instal. As there is not a lot to do this week, Alan asked them to help me with my space, so from having nothing happening I now have a full week of production!
The men came in on Monday afternoon and introduced themselves, they are very lovely and have given me a great sense of motivation. I spent the rest of the afternoon preparing the space, sanding and painting the walls. I have also had to completely clear the space so now all my supporting material is hidden in boxes at the entrance of the room. These are the very first steps to a great journey, where I get to finally see my idea form into its own architectural body....

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