Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today I had a really peculiar thought, and it suddenly came to me as a visual picture in my mind. I suddenly thought, why don't I colour the earth and add some pigment to it. And I immediately had the sense it has to be this parika red. I am not sure if this is just over thinking things, so I did a little experiment test on some soil I have there up now, and I think it works very well. the pigment is called 'Burnt Sienna', and is in itself an earth powder. I just thought it would be visually interesting and make the piece less literal, so instead of it looking like a site that already exists in the world, I thought I should spice it up and transform it into an art work. I like the pigment, as it is earth itself, so I wouldn't be changing the material, only its visual presence. I think the powder looks a bit like rusting from the pipes, and I like the idea, of it symbolising blood, a bit like in the performance pieces of Ana Mendieta and her earth body sculptures, it begins to bring some sort of other cultural symbolism into the piece. Like the blood of the earth; the human body. 

Ana Mendieta, Silueta Works, Mexico. 

These are some pigments I've found that I like so far, the all consists of earth reds. I am thinking of ordering some today, just incase I decide to do it. It is something I will only really be able to decide once everything is up in the space. These sort of last minute touches excite me, I think it is these sorts of little gestures that will transform the piece into a great show. I am now vey much envisioning this as its own piece, away from the other sites, this is its own space, and it is starting to build a character and physical form. 

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