Sunday, May 6, 2012

Overview of 4th Year...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of my journey in 4th year. It has been an extremely transformative time for me and has definitely helped me to find my identity as an artist. Now that I can reflect on this process, I would like to spend the time to thank everyone who made it happen, for without their encouragement, guidance and support this would not have been possible:

My thank you list:

Anton & Jason- for both helping me to construct the space and for being so supportive and helpful- and for being a great team!
Evelyn Law- for all her hard work and support over the past year and being an amazing helper!
Sean Ahern- for all his technical assistance and support with max msp & my arduino
Alan Grieg- for his encouragement and support and helping me realise my final space 
Pernille Spence- for her support, insight and for being a part of this process 
Janice Aitken- for her guidance, support and eternally good advice 
Gair Dunlop- for his endless knowledge in great literature 
Holger Mohaupt- for his truthful advice and giving me perspective
Mark Vernon- for helping me with my sound piece 
Zoe Irvine- for your insight in sound and encouraging me to go to Orkney
Mary Modeen- for being constantly supportive and for guiding me through my toughest moments
Arthur Watson- for being inspirational and encouraging
Richard Layzell- for the giving me the most wonderful and inspiring week and for always giving  great advice 
Performance Platformers- for being inspiring, supportive and fun!
Maria Conte- for all the love and support any daughter could wish for
Michael Law- for his insight, knowledge and support
Marie Williamson- for her thoughts and little messages in times of need
Peter Annin- for all his support and helping me set up the pir sensor to the arduino 
Alex Fakinos- for helping me with the architectural aspects of my project and being understanding  
Aaron Watson- for talking to me a giving me a great insight into Neolithic Acoustics 
Tim Sandys- for all our lengthy chats, for supporting me and for being a great studio mate
Mel Shearsmith- for her support, encouragement and knowledge 
Martin Grimes- for all his help in the wood workshop and constantly lending my things
Ruth Aitken- for her advice and constant support through out this year
Becca Clark- for her quirky ways of making me feel good in bad times and for keeping team spirit
Dave Fyans- for his support and technical assistance through out the year
Andrew Maclean- for being extremely patient and supportive through out this year and for being a great technician
Daniel Pike- for also being a great technician
Nigel Johnson- for setting up one of my most important meetings this semester and helping me take my project to the next step
Ali Napier- for helping me out with the interactive parts of my project
Lorens Holm- for giving me great advice and for talking to me 
Graeme- for making and welding my metal pipes 

and to all the students who have helped, supported and helped me these past few months and also to all the staff from the sites I visited and who granted me permission to record inside them!

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