Friday, May 4, 2012

Importing the Soil!

Yesterday was the soil importing day! After working on my sound all morning, in the afternoon, we went out and started digging. Luckily enough, I have been able to source a pile of earth right outside the college (behind the sheds), which is part of the university's botanical gardens, so it has been a fairly easy task. Evelyn and I got a wheelbarrow each, and together we spent the afternoon digging the earth and carting it back to my space....

 The difficult part was then getting it into the space...We just managed to get the wheelbarrow through the tight entrance into the circle, and then had to pile the earth all around it. We started piling it in different parts, mostly around the edges, and then decided to tackle the furthest away corners, which was just a case of throwing the earth as far away as possible. It was a bit of trail and error, and some dirt did get splattered on the lovely white walls, so we will have to find a way to clean it. But that was the most difficult corner, where there is no access.

I am very happy with out progress. Evelyn worked very hard helping me, as I had to go down to the wood worksop, which incidentally is when everyone started to come and see it. We didn't quite manage to finish the space, as the garders closed the gates at 5pm, so we still have a few more wheelbarrows to go, but I am hoping the space will be finished by today! 

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