Sunday, May 6, 2012


Over the weekend I had the big task of installing the speakers and all the technologies into my space....
Before doing this, I imbedded my 6 audio files into max and tested it with Sean. It all worked, so we then I was ready take everything and set up in the space. On Friday afternoon, Sean and I brought my mac mini, the keyboard and desktop upstairs with the and arduino and the rest of the interactive technologies. I had previously collected all of the 6 speakers from the AV workshop, so they were already there. The big task was working out how to connect all the speakers together, as they are 1.2 metres apart. I spent the end of the day working out which wires went where and then connected them all to the sound card. There are a lot of cables underneath my structure right now, which is funny because you would never think so looking at it from outside, the installation has this very natural and relaxing presence, so you would never guess that udnerneath it is a jungle of wires.

Once everything and good to go, I switched on the mini mac and tested it. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to get it all working yet, as there is no sound coming through the speakers and I figure out why. My guess is that it could be a problem with the sound card or max msp, as the arduino and sensor are working fine. because it is the weekend, and there are no staff, I haven't been able resolve it, however I have emailed Sean to inform and I am hoping to get some technical assistance on Monday. There is nothing I an really do until then, so I continued to work on the space and get everything ready for the assessment.

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