Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reflections~The end of a journey...

I have now come to the end of my journey on investigating spaces with resonance. Through this I have travelled across Scotland, in all different directions and I feel very accomplished and happy with the final outcome of this process. It has taught me a lot in the way of revealing our relationship, or perhaps my own to the spaces that we as humans inhabit. Through out this journey I have also got to visit many places I wanted to go to in the past but never had the time to, so in a way this project has also shown me how important it is to visit spaces and be in their presence.
Now, that I have done all my recording, it is time to begin thinking of how I am going to translate these experiences into a final piece for degree show. One thing that I have decided for the degree show is to make a book archiving this journey. All the photographs, artefacts, memories/thoughts and recordings will be put into a book so the process is never lost and always connects back to the final piece of work. As an artist, I feel it is important to create a situation where the public can experience their own resonance, for this has been without a doubt the most influential and powerful element of this journey. The truth is that a recording is never going to really give the feeling or capture the moment that you have within a space, it is only really an imitation, an echo of the real voice... So I think that in order to recreate this experience I have to do it live, and with real human presence, which has been the true focus and drive to my work.
Listening to your own resonance is a way to become more in touch with yourself and the world around you, it is extremely therapeutic, transforming and gives you a sense of self-awareness that is stronger than looking into a mirror. Because sound is so ephemeral and physical, I find that we don't listen with our ears at all, but with our bodies, and with our intuition, especially in spaces that we do not know. I want to create a space where I can invite the public to discover their own presence and resonance, and for them to interact with it in a very internal and personal way. One of the things I have been thinking of and would like to do is a workshop that invites an external group of participants to explore their resonance as a way for me to see how other people interact with space. Personally I use my voice as a way to measure my presence in space, but other people will have different ways of interacting and creating dialogues with space.
What I also really need to do is to get into the wood workshop and start experimenting with materials and making smaller mock spaces, to get a feel of ow different shapes and sizes can affect the experience inside them...I am also really looking forward to the Richard Layzell workshop and the night of Performance with D-AiR. I am hoping/proposing to do a performance that will involve durational singing, and I've been thinking of finding a big sheet of metal or a material that reverberates sound that will create a resonant wall and sing onto it. Then I will ask people to join me to create a collective resonance. Hopefully this will help me begin to think of how I am going to transform a completely internal experience into a external one, and one which the public themselves can experience their own resonance.

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