Friday, February 10, 2012

List of possibilities for Degree Show Piece:

-The structure is made out of natural materials that give the space true resonance and echo. This means that the internal chamber is lined with a hard reflective surface that allows sound to bounce off the walls and spiral up, projectinginto the space. The public can enter it and experience their own resonance within the space.

-The structure is made to look like a chamber, but in fact inside is a virtual landscape and experience. The internal chamber of the structure is lined with sound insulation foam, to make it a dead sound space. Inside it I will install both small speakers and microphones that will be connected to a programme virtually projecting the resonance within the chamber.

-The chamber is a wide spherical space in which the public can enter and experience their own resonance and spatial relationship to the structure.

-The space is womb/ tomb where only one member of the public is allowed to enter at a time.  It is a very internal and private experience. Where the human voice is singing to them alone.

-The space has subtle hints of my voice to encourage the public to resonant themselves within the space.

-There is soil on the floor, allowing the public to see the invisible trails of all the people who have entered before them.

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