Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Tangible Architecture
Experiencing invisible space
Ephemeral Experience
Internal-Self Architecture 

Listening with/ through the body...Portraying the invisible aspects of space. 

"The richness of the user's experience of any building depends on awareness of all the senses, but immaterial architecture may trigger a sense more often associated with the immaterial such a smell, a touch, or a sound."

After reading the book Immaterial Architecture, I am now really liking the idea of focusing on the space as a invisible form. Not the structure itself but the other side, the invisible side, what we cannot see...I am really beginning to like this idea of 'immaterial architecture'....Before I was really anxious to involve the physical presence of the cairns in my degree show, as a way of bringing the sites back with me. Now I am beginning to realise that the sound themselves can bring the sites back and I can create more ephemeral experiences, more magical ones, where the space itself is sculpted by the sound, and appears invisible...Now with this in my mind, I want to begin exploring how I can create a show based on my experiences and how I can introduce sound to the space, how can I sculpt the experience with no physical structure, just the human voice? Entering and existing the space through my voice...What sort of dialogues do I need to have with the space in order to capture the essence of being within them?....

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