Thursday, January 19, 2012


These are some sketches taken from my sketchbook looking at how I plan to build my structure. For the piece I want to work with soil as it is a materilal that represents both growth and fertility as well as something that we use for burials and decomposition. I want my final piece to relate back to the chambered cairns, almost like a womb/tomb space in which the public can enter and have an ephermeral experience within a solid strcuture. In order to do this, the exteriopr of the space will apear like a mound of earth and inside it, concealed will be the chamber. These juxtaposing spaces will form together to create the over all final piece. In order for the framwork to hold the earth, I will build a stair-like structure around the chamber for the soil to be compressed into. This will create the illusion that the entire space is filled with soil, but in fact will only be coating it.

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