Monday, January 23, 2012

Degree Show Specification...

For the degree show, I want to propose to build a physical space that will allow the public to enter it. Within this piece, I set out to create an experience using the frameworks of space and sound to do so. The structure will be built like a chamber, in which one person at a time will be invited to enter and have an individual experience. Inside the space, sound will be projected from within, giving the sensation of being embodied through its presence. The sound piece shall encompass elements of the human voice, creating a virtual landscape of the internal body and creating metaphor for human presence. In the space, the person will also have the opportunity to experience their own resonance, as microphones will be hidden inside the chamber to reflect their own movement and presence.
The chamber will be constructed out of natural materials and will appear like a huge mound of soil. Within the soil a chamber will be placed, using a hard surface to allow the sound to travel and echo through out the space. I am proposing to build the framework of the structure out of wood and then I will line the inside of the space with metal, cement, or stone. These materials have been chosen for their resonant qualities and I will work with them to create the environment inside the space.
It is important that the space allows the sound to resonate as this will give the feel that you are inside e someone else’s body, almost like being within the voice itself. This piece is about creating a dimension for a body to enter as a space of reflection of our own humanity and presence. Hopefully, like a womb does, it will regenerate the person within it and make them feel transformed. I want this piece to symbolize human presence, and reflect our relationships to the spaces we inhabit. This space will hold the essence of a womb and a tomb; the external wall will be covered in earth, representing a material that is used for growing and for burial. The internal structure will be made out of a hard material, juxtaposing the outside of the structure and to the inside and giving a dual entity. These elements will allow the sculpture to shape as its own body, having both an external and internal presence. Inside the space it will be dark, with light coming in from the opening at the top of the chamber. This space will also be injected with warmth, giving a sense of a space of comfort and protection. The audio will be designed to penetrate the space and the body inside it, creating a 360 sound experience. Speakers will be placed all around the bottom of the structure, allowing the sound to travel upwards and spiral through out the chamber. The sound itself will be activated through human presence, only playing when a body enters the space. This again will relate to human presence and reveal how we activate spaces through existing within them. This is a very intimate and personal piece, a piece for the public to become aware of themselves and of their own presence, through the presence of the space and the voice echoing inside it. This piece will represent a sort of inner ritual, in which we loom at the invisible traces we leave behind to be re-discovered through out time…

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