Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Resonating Chambers....

I have realised, that in many ways, after my research trip up to Orkney, the direction of this project has changed, and it now seems to be taking form as a spacial installation in which we witness human resonance and interaction within space. I am interested in creating a physical structure to project myself into, and in doing so to investigate how humans resonante within the spaces we inhabit and how humanity leaves an eternal trail of their existence behind to tell a story. I like the idea of the voice being like a metaphor in this piece, and a way of forming an open dialogue with space, in which we can both exchange our projections of one another, the invisible and the visible, and transform each another through our collective presence.
I think the best way to create this space is to build a resonating chamber where I can experiment within. In the resonating chamber I would like to do an ephemeral performance in which I use the human voice to project the internal human being, and for my soul to vibrate off the space and into the atmosphere, like an open projection, one which we can recognize as a human call,  as if humanity were calling to Earth itself, to bring a connection between two bodies that live in one space.

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