Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hamilton Mausoleum..

Yesterday at the group crit I was told of a very interesting site called the Hamilton Mausoleum. It is located in Lanarkshire, Scotland and houses the longest reverberation of any building in the world, with sound echoing for 15 seconds inside the chamber. This is the sort of space that I would like construct and enable the sound to expand and ripple into the atmosphere...I would be very interested in visiting the Hamilton Mausoleum  and doing some recordings inside the space to see how the voice can physically travel. It would also be a great space to measure the sonic infrastructure as a way for me to get a better understanding of how to construct resonant spaces...
I also discovered whilst researching the site, that Arika, the founders of Kill Your Timid Notion, organised a tour visiting resonant spaces around Scotland back in 2006. It seems that I have taken a circlular journey, and discovered another connection between my practice and the people that first inspired me to look at sound as a medium...The tour looks amazing, I wish I had known about it then....They visited Orkney as one of their sites, and the project looked at manifesting sound within natural environments...Very inspiring!

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