Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I want to create a completely immersive experience, in which the public are invited to enter a large physical structure that takes form as a chamber. This chamber will represent the internal space of the human body and will reflect on how humanity expresses itself and resonates within the spaces that we inhabit. For this piece I want to focus on the more internal projections and use the space to show our more invisible and unseen qualities.
The project will take form as a sound installation using both sculptural and performative elements. As part of this project I will create both the physical structure of the chamber as well as performing within it. In this piece I plan to project myself within the physical structure of the chamber, using the human voice as a vessel and creating an ephemeral dialogue where we both vibrate off one another. The chamber will act as its own external body, and I within it will act as an internal one inside it.
It is within this exchange that I will invite the audience to enter and to experience their own presence within the space. The installation looks at our origins as human beings, it is a piece that explores our existence within spaces and creates a darkened realm which we must enter, like a womb.

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