Monday, October 3, 2011


The french psychoanalyst, Jaques Lacan talks about using the voice in three different ways. He says that these are the ways we use our voice:

1. The Active Voice (to see)

2. The Reflective Voice (to see oneself)

3. The Passive Voice (to be seen)

It was when looking at these concepts on how we use the voice that very much made me think of how I want to project myself in this piece. It is interesting how our voices can be portrayed in so many different ways and directed to others with different messages...
In a way what I am trying to do is create a dialogue between all these voices and to use it as a way to project oneself publicly. I want the voice to be heard and seen as a projection but also to connect to the listeners intimately, as if they are listening into my own personal dialogues...
Lacan says that both the active and reflective voices are autoerotic and that they lack a subject. It is only the passive voice that represents a subject as it asks us to look at it. The passive voice actually represents an active voice because it is something that wants "to make itself be seen" which I find interesting as a concept to how we interpet the voice within humanity.

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