Sunday, February 20, 2011


 Art, to me is a reflective process. It is not a statement, or even a message; art is a space for us to truly encounter ourselves. It is a mirror, and it is very much a physical experience. A place where we can participate in the process of art making…
As an artist I want to explore this concept by making my work purely interactive. I want the public to enter the spaces and artworks and within them to become aware of their presence and to perceive a sense of altered consciousness.
Art is a connection; it is an outward expression of humanity. It reveals and depicts who we are. It is bringing our inner dialogues into outer and public spaces.
In my life I have wanted to be everything. I have wanted to be a writer, a singer, a musician, a teacher, an actress, a politician, an anthropologist, a physiologist and philosopher. But what attracted me to the practice of art is the concept behind it and the fact that it has no boundaries; it connects directly to your life.
As an artist I am interested in people, in culture and in movement, in space, in identity, in politics and nature, and the way we express and interact with one another. I want to be involved in everything that is ACTIVE and that gives PERSPECTIVE.
Something that is tangible and that never truly has an answer~ 
The expression of humanity…

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