Sunday, December 4, 2011

In dialogue with Aaron Watson...

Recently I got in contact with Archeologist Aaron Watson, who has done a lot of research in the archaeoacoustics of historic sites, and amongst these vast investigations are the Neolithic spaces. It was when researching the cairns, that I came across his research in relation to the Maeshowe Chambered Cairn, and it was in fact his discoveries that made me want to go and experience them for myself. When I returned from my trip, I thought it would be interesting to contact him and to try and create a dialogue in relation to my own personal project, looking at 'human resonance'. Aaron Watson is not only an archeologist but also an artist, so his understanding of both the sonic values and artistic representation within these spaces made him a perfect person to get create discussion with. Aaron was kind enough to send me a collection of his own works, a series of publications following his discoeries in different historic spaces around Britain. His work looks at discovering the connection between sound and space, and looking at how these two elements transform one another...

"This is a place where I am learning to see, and thereby enabling the land to see me..."

: What if land helped us to see ourselves, our own identity, could land be a mirror to humanity? 

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