Friday, August 26, 2011

Chamber Graves....

Entrance to Unstan Chambered Cairn, Orkney. 

Section drawing of burial mound and burial chamber as it looked when the grave from Mammen was opened up in 1868.

I recently discovered the existence of Chamber graves...I was discussing places in which sound resonates to a friend at a party and he mentioned the Chamber graves as a reference to spaces that hold a certain sound quality. The relation of the chamber very much links to my own project, 'Internal Chamber'. For this year, I would be interested in looking at these old historic structures in more depth and going up north to record my voice within them. Then with the recordings and understanding the quality of sound that the chambers create, I would love to re-create one of these spaces and create a new performance space in Dundee. 
"Many societies communicate with ancestors or spirit worlds through altered states of consciousness. Altered states can be achieved in many different ways, and often involve sound. It is possible that people inside inadvertently generated infrasonic sounds that could exert a physiological or psychological influence upon. "

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